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Using Linked In for Nonprofits

30 Sep

I joined Linked In, the professional social media network, about a year ago, and have done little with my profile since then. I didn’t make any attempt to add connections or update my work experience and skills summary.  As I get closer to graduating in May and thus, begin the hunt for a job, I’ve decided I need to get my Linked In act together and make some progress (and connections).

While Linked In will be a powerful tool for my personal career advancement, I’m finding more and more nonprofit groups advocating the network for fundraising.  I first considered the idea after reading UConn journalism professor, Rick Hancock’s post about using Linked In for nonprofit organizations.  Connecting with people that are interested in working for the same causes (education, global service), or that are interested in fundraising in general may be an easy way to gain support.

There’s a great blog called Nonprofit Tech 2.0, that acts as a social media guide for non-profits. In one of their posts, I read about joining groups on Linked In as a way to gain support. I requested membership today with the MojaLink group, a network for nonprofits, and it’s education subgroup.  I also have the option to create a company page, but since my cause isn’t developed yet, and not quite at a professional level, I think I’ll just stick to advocating in my personal profile and joining in on forums for various groups.

This is something I hadn’t thought about when using Linked In.While I can use the tool for my own career advancement, I can simultaneously use it for my cause. I can post updates, and add applications, like the WordPress app that uploads my blog posts straight to my profile. The more contacts I make (that are interested in my fundraising efforts), the more exposure I can get.

Here’s a great webinar, (although it’s not free) by Heather Mansfield, owner of DIOSA Communications, that discusses how nonprofits can use social media and mobile technology.  The October 5th presentation is all about using Linked In and FourSquare for nonprofits, so tune in at 10 a.m. US/Pacific if this interests you.