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Donations for Donuts

3 Dec

People like things that are fun.  This much is obvious.  For generation X & Y, the fun happens at their computers on Facebook, Twitter, and on their phones and cameras.  Millions of humorous pictures, videos, stories and anecdotes.  Look no farther than Texts From Last Night to get the picture (or download the iPhone app).

Anyway, the internet and new media allows humor to go viral, and some people, including Elie Klein, have realized the power humor and fun competition has to raise money.  I caught this article about Klein on an Israel news station, Ynetnews.  His mission: to cram down as much sufganiya (Israeli donuts) as possible.  Blessed with one heck of a metabolism, Klein is eating a donut for every donation to charity made by individuals across Israel, where Klein resides.  The campaign began last year when a group of neighbors placed a bet about who could eat the most sufganiya.  To keep score, they updated their Facebook and Twitter statuses, so everyone stayed in the loop.

This year they’re going at it again, and using social media the same way to keep track of the donuts eaten.  The important difference this year, is the fundraising.  When Klein told his family about the donuts, his wife’s cousin challenged she could eat just as many, and bet $10 to his charity of choice on the winner.  Another neighbor also pledged a donation based on the donut-eating, and then a friend made a Facebook event and the rest is history.  To date, Klein has consumed  47 donuts and continues to update his status, including the number of causes (currently 37) and the donations made by various people (amounting to about US $4914).

Social media’s at work here in a very uncomplicated way.  Someone is cramming as many donuts in his mouth as humanly possible, and people think it’s funny.  Betting on it makes it exciting, and fundraising works best when it’s exciting.  This is something to keep in mind when attempting to raise money among young people.  The nonprofit landscape is evolving, as it moves away from the dated door-to-door pledging or those horrendous phonathons to social media.


“Changing the World Through Social Media”

29 Sep

“Hope – Change – Belief ” …  and Facebook – Twitter – Blogging

I recently discovered 12 for12k, an organization that combines social media and fundraising to help supported charities connect with as wide an audience as possible.  Founded out of Burlington, ON, by social media whiz Danny Brown, (see an article he wrote about the 12for12k staff here) the challenge has raised over $100,000 since December 2008. Here’s their YouTube video:

Here’s how it works

Each month, for 12 months, a charity is chosen to receive $12,000. 12for12k intends to help lesser-known charities, which is what caught my eye. Would it be possible to land 12k for my charity project in Shanghai?! Well, yes, but not easily.  Here’s the criteria for chosen charities:

  • Financial records available on request
  • Registered 501-c (3) charity or equivalent worldwide organization (all donations tax-deductible)
  • PayPal or credit card donation system (for user-friendliness), made through Chip-In, that is tied directly to the charity’s bank account

Hm. So there’s a couple things preventing Project Revive from gaining 12k anytime soon. But there’s learning here. While charities can raise money through social media, if they want to fundraise directly through Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, they need an existing bank account, and the Chip-In widget. I took a look at Chip-In, and found out it was actually a widget used to raise money through PayPal. You can embed it on WordPress, but you need a hosted WordPress account for the graphic to show up. While this means it won’t grab viewers attention right away, I am still able to post a link for the Chip-In page, so viewers can go and donate directly to my PayPal account if they choose to do so. This is an easy way to charities to increase donations, since all viewers have to do is follow the link.

Back to 12for12k

It seems like a ton of money comes from ChipIn, and the use of Twitter and Facebook (adding Twibbons to respective profiles), and encouraging people to contribute. There are other ways that 12for12k is making money, including events such as Live Concert Streams and Tweetsgiving, which are all advocated through social media.

In the Future…

The challenge is relaunching in a few days, so I look forward to seeing what exactly “relaunching” means. The website doesn’t specify exactly what they plan to implement in the future, so it’s a little unclear what the new goals are. On the 12for12k Facebook page, it appears as though the last activity was in April: when a charity supported brain injury, Boundless was chosen.  Check back in a few days, when I write an update about the relaunching of The 12for12k Challenge on October 1. Here’s the video that’s currently featured on their homepage: