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November at NCCF Means Giving Back

14 Nov

An Impressive Initiative

The Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation (NCCF), of Chautauqua, New York, has launched one of the most creative social media campaigns I’ve seen.  The foundation is a nonprofit group that distributes grants and scholarships to their community.  One of their initiatives, AmazingCounty.com is an online treasure hunt that allows users to solve clues and perform tasks to earn points, and each point is a chance to win a prize (daily, weekly, or special event).  There’s also a grand prize and runner-up prize at the end of each month.  Multiple sponsors make Amazing County possible, and all the prizes given out are donated.  The program allows community members to explore their local resources, while competing in activities such as puzzles, videos and activities.

The Ultimate Interactivity

Some of the tasks are as easy as posting discussions on Facebook.  Not only does this simplicity encourage users to participate, but it allows for interaction between the foundation and members of the community.

November marks the last full-scale online treasure hunt, and the theme, appropriately, is giving back and philanthropy.  People have been discussing how they plan to give back to their community on Facebook.

(Small) Room for Improvement

Amazing County is also on Twitter. I noticed there aren’t nearly as many followers here compared to their Facebook page (26 on Twitter compared to 521 on Facebook!), but on the surface the Twitter site looks like a great place to see opportunities to score points.  Looking a little deeper, one tweet tells users that they’ll receive 500 points for each person who joins that they invite.  Invite where?  To what?  Some of these tweets are a little confusing.  Overall, it seem like the Twitter page mostly directs users to the Facebook page to see challenges, which is why there probably aren’t as many followers.

Regardless of this minor detail, this is an awesome effort to connect the community virtually, and create a space where they can share knowledge and pride for their area, while having fun competing in the challenges and activities.  Hats off to you, NCCF.