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Act Bolder: Do Good. Get Rewarded.

22 Oct

Bolder is a lesser-known platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers by creating “challenges” to encourage positive action.  Some recent challenges have been ‘Use a reusable mug, bag, or container,’ or ‘Get out and pick up trash.’  There’s no single cause on Bolder, but there are a few different categories such as health and fitness or culture and community.  The challenges are as simple as ditching bottled water for a day, or a little more involved like donating books to a local library.  Businesses post challenges through Facebook and Twitter (handled by Bolder), then users post stories or pictures about their actions and in exchange the businesses provide incentives- typically discounts or gift cards.

Bolder isn’t necessarily raising money for charity.  Actually, businesses that team up with Bolder are profiting and driving sales through social media.  But when their customers take on challenges, they’re taking a stand against current issues, while getting rewarded.  It’s a win for both sides.