More good stuff from Chad Norman

8 Nov

Remember one of my very first posts where I shared a video about 50 tactics for nonprofits trying to tackle social media?  It was a great video, and its sequel from Chad Norman is just as good.  Check out 50 (More) Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits:

View Video Here


With a site called TweetReach, you can see how far your tweets travel.  You can also create a branded page for your charity on Foursquare… actually, a ton of slides in this presentation are dedicated to Foursquare.  Check out the page for Wildlife Watch. Facebook is also mentioned frequently, but there are some other apps that Norman talks about that can be very useful for nonprofit groups.  This is a great resource for new, smaller campaigns to look for ideas.


One Response to “More good stuff from Chad Norman”

  1. Rick Hancock November 10, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Good stuff, I’m going to show it in class. Did you check out the comments? Norman is pissed people stole his first non-profit PPT!

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