Creating a Cause

21 Sep

The app

The Causes application on Facebook is an excellent venue to raise money, whether it’s for a large charity or an individual activist endeavor.  There’s a huge audience on the Facebook network, and any one can join a particular cause (or multiple) of interest.

Once you support a cause and add the application, you can view a list of friends that are involved in other causes. You can also view the causes that are most successful: here’s the current top five. While some of these are recognizable groups, they’re not all big ones with a ton of funds available for marketing. Yet through the application, they’ve been able to raise a lot of money for their cause. Other nonprofit groups with a Facebook cause include UNICEF, National Team Leadership Program, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, and Barack Obama Is My President.  Since anyone can create a cause, there are often multiples listed for the same purpose (stop abortion, support our troops, etc). And as seen at the Obama page, the app can also be used for political campaigns. While this may not be a “charity” cause, it is a cause, which is the idea of the application: to raise money. For my own purposes, I’m looking at the web tool as something to use for a nonprofit fundraising.

The effect

Save Darfur's Cause Page

This week (and we’re only halfway through!) a total of $47,586 was raised through the application. If this isn’t a great place to begin tackling my own campaign, I don’t know what is.

Upon deciding Facebook would be the best place to get started on Project Revive, since all of my friends and family are on the network and it’s where I’ll get the most exposure, I created a Cause.

The process

With Causes, you can join a cause that already exists, selecting one from a category (service, health, international, etc.), or

A Sample Birthday Wish

you can create a new cause. I created a cause for Project Revive by filling out the form, listing my goals and a short mission statement, uploading a picture of the classroom, and sending invites out to friends.

The cause admin page is a little bit overwhelming, since there’s

so much you can do with the application. People can donate to the cause, you can list fundraising events, update petitions, photos, videos and links, post discussions and bulletins, and even donate a “birthday wish” to raise money for the cause.

My Cause

I have a long way to go with Project Revive’s page. There’s a lot to be done: uploading pictures and videos, posting bulletins and fundraising events. But it’s an awesome app to help get the ball rolling and the Facebook connection will ultimately grant the greatest exposure.


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