Getting Started

15 Sep

Two Things

One: I’ve decided to call my fundraising effort “Project Revive.” I think it spells out exactly what I’d like to do: revive this classroom in Shanghai.  The kids are there to learn, the teacher is there to teach. All they need is funding to revive what’s there in order to reach the full potential.

Two: I’ve been looking around on various sites and blogs for fundraising ideas, and here’s a fantastic video I found on SlideShare.Net, posted by Chad Norman, called “50 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits.”

Already I have some awesome ideas for fundraising that I never even thought to use.  In the slide show, Flickr is mentioned and a great tool for nonprofits. Have you ever heard of You can organize a petition and then tweet it. I’m a pretty avid Facebook user, and I had never seen a Facebook Cause before watching this. YouTube has a nonprofit program, and Twitter alone has a TON of ways to get the word out, like using Tweetups and mashing analytics with Google on

Looking forward to start using these applications for Project Revive!


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